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Turkish Star Wars: What Madness is This?

Remember as you watch Turkish Star Wars that the only limitations in film are dictated by budget and imagination. Not that there’s a ton of imagination here, but the thing has gumption, at least. Actually, Turkish Star Wars is the unofficial, affectionate title given to a 1982 film called The Man Who Saved the World. Quite blunt, that title, like the rest of the movie, but it makes its point. And the Star Wars connection? A bunch of footage, mostly cribbed from the Death Star battle scene at the end of A New Hope, used without permission, of course, at the beginning and end of the film. In between is one of the weirdest, most convoluted, most fun movies you’re likely to see. With all of the wall-to-wall action in this thing, it’s certainly not boring.

The movie opens with a long voice-over. Part of it is as follows: “Going into space, the space age begins.” Well yes, that’s kind of how it works. The rest of the narration, as well as the plot, is just as blunt and the story makes no se…

Let's Have a...Blood Feast!

Hershell Gordon Lewis accidentally invented an entire film sub genre. He wanted to make a little cash, so he invented the “gore” movie. The first of these movies, Blood Feast was released in 1963 and it kinda sorta changed the entire direction of horror movies as they transitioned from the gothic and mad scientist flicks that had been popular since the beginning of film.
Starting with with nudie movies, Lewis moved into gore films when the nudie market became, uh, saturated. When the same thing happened with gore films in the early 70’s, he left moviemaking entirely. Over the years, while working in advertising and writing books on direct marketing, his reputation as an important cult filmmaker slowly grew and he finally returned to filmmaking in 2002. He died on September 26, 2016 at 90, having lived quite the varied life.
Mal Arnold plays the grey-haired killer in Blood Feast, the first of Lewis’s gore films. We open with Arnold, as Fuad Ramses, stabbing a woman in her bathtub. Yup, …