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Hells Angel Confronts Hunter S. Thompson

I wish more talk shows had people ride out on motorcycles.

Kardashians on motorcycles. Maybe I would watch that.

Probably not.

He owns a boat! (Respectable).


This is an important point.

Hunter S. Thompson most certainly did not make a million dollars on the Hell's Angels Book.

"If a man wants to beat his wife and his dog bites him, that's between the three of them."

This is not a reasonable point.

I'm glad the dog bit Junkie George.

How to Handle Yourself at the Deli

1. Try not to Freak Out - The Deli, otherwise known as the Otter Bar, or Otterly Ridiculous by the hip set, is something not to be trifled with. All good things come to an end, even that fancy mustache you've been wearing since your grandfather left it to you in his will. Above all, try to make peace with your mortality. If someone remarks that your uncle bears a passing resemblance to King Kong Bundy, just shake their hand, offer them a toaster and slowly back away.
2. Do Not Use Lunch Meat for Unauthorized Purposes - Kids are doing strange things with lunch meat these days. But remember, you should only use it for facial abuse, futuristic breathing apparatuses and hair replacement therapy. All unauthorized uses will be met with a guffaw or a harrumph, at the very least. Older men and women who have lost the ability to tell the difference between a child on a big wheel and speed-freak wearing nothing but a top hat are advised to stay away from the powder room. And remember, being …

Moon Song by Ben Gallaway

Been a while since I posted anything.

But I have 1,987 or so serious writing projects to finish.

This is whatcha whatcha call an occasional blog where I post shit that amuses me.

Whoops! That's not a proper introduction for this song. Shame on me. Someone should hit me with a wet towel.

Ben Gallaway has gone through a bunch of phases as a musician. He's played guitar in indie bands, an electro-hybrid band, released a solo album and worked on film soundtracks. He also played drums in a metal band called the Devil Rides. When I met him in 1997, he played guitar in a little indie rock project called Lorelei Shotgun, which also featured blog-favorite Peter Miller.

These days, Ben runs his own studio in Austin, Texas and occasionally releases contemplative, thoughtful tunes like "Moon Song," which is his latest offering.