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Sweet Stranger Waltz by One Beer Prophet

One Beer Prophet is from everywhere. She's lived everywhere, she's traveled everywhere.

She's nostalgic, in love with discovery.

This song wanders and rambles in much the same way.

She's also a prolific writer of zines, novels, poetry and everything in between.

Check out some more of her stuff here:

Sweet Stranger Waltz by One Beer Prophet

LA PLAYA, By Vincent Dior

Vincent Dior released a hip hop album yesterday, on his 22nd birthday.

LA PLAYA is my favorite track. 
I love the song he sampled. If you know me, it will be quite obvious why.
Also, I like the from-the-heart spoken word part near the end.
Click on the link, check out the entire album. 

Some Instrumental Industrial To Wake You Up This Morning (Michael X. Christian - Burning Gods)


Needed a good wake-up before I go to the doctor.

I used to be into industrial metal as a kid and occasionally come back to it when I need my bones to shake.

Yup, this track worked.

Shit's Coming Back!

Everyone knows it’s coming. From the doo-wop cowboys that organize cuticle cutting conventions to the Mad Street Angries (a gang of young men who volunteer to bathe your grandmother), everyone’s running for cover, hurling themselves into traffic or joining up to fight foreign wars that don’t even exist yet just to make sure they’re out of the way as Shit slithers its way back into town. Shit’s coming back. It’s on a streak, on a tear, hardening itself against the world. Shit’s gonna leave a trail wherever it goes.
Thing is, most people actually like Shit. Oh, sure, they bitch and moan about how Shit’s ruining everything from psychoanalytic discotheques to pineapple breast implants, but don’t be deceived.
Even Professor William Gasrich, Mugwump Community College’s preeminent expert on vapid coffee shop talk and weird orgasms, isn’t immune. Just the other day, he was in his classroom, doing an abstract interpretive dance on sexuality in milk, wearing his nicest afgan (the dog was not happy…

Plane Explodes Watermelon Over Furbies

This video is weird.

I don't know nothin' 'bout planes.

This video don't make me want to learn nothing, neither.

Those graphics, though. A strange hypnosis happening.

Looking too deep...too deep...look at all the fuzzies....

Movie Cliches Are Awesome!

I don't know what these guys are on about.

Cliches are awesome. Thinky stuff make Barg.


Sexy voice, though.

My wife just said, "Kill it before it grows," in reference to my beard.

X-Pac Rips His Asshole

I mean, Jesus.

Not cool.

He's a champ, though. Just keeps on going. Finishes the match.

This is an indie show. He was probably paid $25 for this.