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Erlierns Rool!

This video tells you all about the different kinds of aliens that are probably on earth at THIS VERY MOMENT.

For some reason, all of them are humanoid. Like, lizard humans and skinny humans with huge eyes.

This guy is an authority.

Check out some of these facts from the video:

All very good to know! Here's the complete video:

Review: Howl

First Published @, October 2010 Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman's new film, Howl, is the best Beat Generation themed movie I've seen in a while. I realize this isn't saying a whole lot. The Last Time I Committed Suicide got its history all wrong and Beat starred Courtney Love, among other flaws. The Beats wrote expansive, labyrinthine novels and poems and lived lives of nonstop Benzedrine-fueled adventure. Small wonder that it's so hard to capture their essences on film. It's beyond difficult to squeeze such enigmatic personalities and literature into 90-120 minutes. 
In Howl, Epstein and Friedman try not to take on too much. Instead, they focus on a single work and a single writer and stay within a limited time frame. The time is the late fifties. The poem, of course, is "Howl" and the writer is Allen Ginsberg. 

James Franco plays Ginsberg. I can't recall right away seeing too many of his films, but just from watching this one, he st…

John Lennon Frankenstein Mobile Eye Fuzz

This movie has everything.

As long as John Lennon is considered everything.

Or at least his head.

Fish. Fish jumping out of his head.

John Lennon's head radiating pure joy and happiness.

I think this filmmaker really likes John Lennon.

John Lennon - 4D from BeatlesPlanet on Vimeo.

Manager On Duty By Pedro Gonzalez-Fernandez

This song is groovy.

Retail romance is difficult.

I once dated someone I worked with.

It didn't work out because it turned out we didn't really enjoy being around each other.

I caught a Pedro Gonzalez-Fernandez set at Joe Squared in Baltimore.

It was just as rowdy as you'd expect.

Women wept, men raised their beer glasses to the sky. A falcon circled the stage.

Giant Killer Rat Attacks Kitty

I mean, damn!

I like rats, but this guy has been mutated via radiation or something.

Baltimore rats aren't even this big.

My wife told me about a time when she saw a rat obeying walk/don't walk signals.

They are learning our ways. They are attacking our cats. The jig is up!

9314 Giant Russian Rat Attacks Cats [HQ].mp4 from Megas Lestat on Vimeo.