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Only Watch Dysmorphia if you Have a Strong Stomach

This film is well acted, beautifully shot.

It's also gory as hell.
37% of you will find this distasteful. The other 99% of you are kind of twisted.
Andy Stewart was a horror movie journalist before he picked up a camera. He definitely knows his stuff.

One of the Earliest Films in History Was, Of Course, Boxing Cats

1894 was a more innocent time, when you could force cats to wear boxing gloves and make them fight to the death.

Because in America, we've always loved watching cats doing violent stuff in a cute way, or cute stuff in a violent way.

Cats. Boxing. There was an audience for this. There will always be an audience for this.

Sojourn - by Annie Johnson

I like everything Annie Johnson puts out.

She has an amazing voice, too.

But this song is without vocals. She plays the piano.

This song is all about melancholy, but there's a kind of ecstatic joy at the end.

The Real You - Alan Watts

This is beautiful.

It's also a sort of spirituality for the atheist set.

But it's a message everyone can dig, I think.

"The real deep-down you is the entire universe."

"You can't have an experience of nothing."

I mean, I don't think he's saying much more than, "We're one with the universe because we are made of universe stuff." Or something like that. Still, it's nice to be reminded.

Captain Picard's Best Speeches

He doesn't look like it, but he's a hippie. He doles out compassion like a pro.

Also: righteous anger.

That voice!

"It is at the heart of our nature to feel pain. And joy."