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Sylvester Stallone & Talia Shire Introduce ROCKY

If you know nothing else about me, know that Rocky is my favorite movie.

Be warned.

Also, I love listening to Talia Shire talk. About anything. Her insights on the Rocky Blu Ray commentary are particularly wonderful.

She's right about Adrian being the "moral force" of the movie. Rocky never would have survived without her.

Stallone is kind of an ass here when he calls Shire "the world's greatest cheerleader."

I suppose his heart was in the right place, though.

Justin Symbol Video Debuts at Revolver!

We are, of course, big fans of Justin Symbol.

Check out our other posts on him: Click here for his "Emerald City" Video or click here to listen to music he wrote while he was in Nursing Home.

We really dig it when people we also dig it when people we like get a bigger following. Dig?

I remember reading Revolver in my early 20's.

Click here to read about the Revolver write-up. It's pretty cool.

Below you'll find the video that debuted, called "Control (featuring Daisy Berkowitz)"

Seven Nation Army - Ben l'Oncle Soul

This is awesome.
I love songs written in one genre that are re-interpreted in another genre.
For example: Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" and Whitney Houston's version.
Both very good for different reasons.
Did I mention that this song is awesome?

Sweet Stranger Waltz by One Beer Prophet

One Beer Prophet is from everywhere. She's lived everywhere, she's traveled everywhere.

She's nostalgic, in love with discovery.

This song wanders and rambles in much the same way.

She's also a prolific writer of zines, novels, poetry and everything in between.

Check out some more of her stuff here:

Sweet Stranger Waltz by One Beer Prophet

LA PLAYA, By Vincent Dior

Vincent Dior released a hip hop album yesterday, on his 22nd birthday.

LA PLAYA is my favorite track. 
I love the song he sampled. If you know me, it will be quite obvious why.
Also, I like the from-the-heart spoken word part near the end.
Click on the link, check out the entire album. 

Some Instrumental Industrial To Wake You Up This Morning (Michael X. Christian - Burning Gods)


Needed a good wake-up before I go to the doctor.

I used to be into industrial metal as a kid and occasionally come back to it when I need my bones to shake.

Yup, this track worked.

Shit's Coming Back!

Everyone knows it’s coming. From the doo-wop cowboys that organize cuticle cutting conventions to the Mad Street Angries (a gang of young men who volunteer to bathe your grandmother), everyone’s running for cover, hurling themselves into traffic or joining up to fight foreign wars that don’t even exist yet just to make sure they’re out of the way as Shit slithers its way back into town. Shit’s coming back. It’s on a streak, on a tear, hardening itself against the world. Shit’s gonna leave a trail wherever it goes.
Thing is, most people actually like Shit. Oh, sure, they bitch and moan about how Shit’s ruining everything from psychoanalytic discotheques to pineapple breast implants, but don’t be deceived.
Even Professor William Gasrich, Mugwump Community College’s preeminent expert on vapid coffee shop talk and weird orgasms, isn’t immune. Just the other day, he was in his classroom, doing an abstract interpretive dance on sexuality in milk, wearing his nicest afgan (the dog was not happy…

Plane Explodes Watermelon Over Furbies

This video is weird.

I don't know nothin' 'bout planes.

This video don't make me want to learn nothing, neither.

Those graphics, though. A strange hypnosis happening.

Looking too deep...too deep...look at all the fuzzies....

Movie Cliches Are Awesome!

I don't know what these guys are on about.

Cliches are awesome. Thinky stuff make Barg.


Sexy voice, though.

My wife just said, "Kill it before it grows," in reference to my beard.

X-Pac Rips His Asshole

I mean, Jesus.

Not cool.

He's a champ, though. Just keeps on going. Finishes the match.

This is an indie show. He was probably paid $25 for this.

Erlierns Rool!

This video tells you all about the different kinds of aliens that are probably on earth at THIS VERY MOMENT.

For some reason, all of them are humanoid. Like, lizard humans and skinny humans with huge eyes.

This guy is an authority.

Check out some of these facts from the video:

All very good to know! Here's the complete video:

Review: Howl

First Published @, October 2010 Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman's new film, Howl, is the best Beat Generation themed movie I've seen in a while. I realize this isn't saying a whole lot. The Last Time I Committed Suicide got its history all wrong and Beat starred Courtney Love, among other flaws. The Beats wrote expansive, labyrinthine novels and poems and lived lives of nonstop Benzedrine-fueled adventure. Small wonder that it's so hard to capture their essences on film. It's beyond difficult to squeeze such enigmatic personalities and literature into 90-120 minutes. 
In Howl, Epstein and Friedman try not to take on too much. Instead, they focus on a single work and a single writer and stay within a limited time frame. The time is the late fifties. The poem, of course, is "Howl" and the writer is Allen Ginsberg. 

James Franco plays Ginsberg. I can't recall right away seeing too many of his films, but just from watching this one, he st…

John Lennon Frankenstein Mobile Eye Fuzz

This movie has everything.

As long as John Lennon is considered everything.

Or at least his head.

Fish. Fish jumping out of his head.

John Lennon's head radiating pure joy and happiness.

I think this filmmaker really likes John Lennon.

John Lennon - 4D from BeatlesPlanet on Vimeo.

Manager On Duty By Pedro Gonzalez-Fernandez

This song is groovy.

Retail romance is difficult.

I once dated someone I worked with.

It didn't work out because it turned out we didn't really enjoy being around each other.

I caught a Pedro Gonzalez-Fernandez set at Joe Squared in Baltimore.

It was just as rowdy as you'd expect.

Women wept, men raised their beer glasses to the sky. A falcon circled the stage.

Giant Killer Rat Attacks Kitty

I mean, damn!

I like rats, but this guy has been mutated via radiation or something.

Baltimore rats aren't even this big.

My wife told me about a time when she saw a rat obeying walk/don't walk signals.

They are learning our ways. They are attacking our cats. The jig is up!

9314 Giant Russian Rat Attacks Cats [HQ].mp4 from Megas Lestat on Vimeo.

Alien Curiosity Shop

This guy is totally legit.

Looks sane enough to me.

He will remove any transplants given to you by aliens.

He doesn't put them there. That would be too easy to explain.

Aliens. If nothing else works, always blame it on aliens.

ALF was a documentary.

The Best Fighting Technique is to Swing Wildly

The Thundercats were awesome!

In this vintage toy commercial, we see the thing that made me pester my parents until they bough me a Lion-O figure.

You pressed a button on their back and they swung a sword.

Straight down.

Which you would think would be easy to defend against.

But Thundercats were apparently complete idiots.

Scotty Star Trek and the Amazing Sax Machine

I have no idea what's going on here.

I keep losing Facebook friends.

Pretty soon it will just be me and a hummingbird named Flan, eating tacos.

What do you call the haircut this TV host is wearing?

I mean, mullet-ponytail? Mulletail?

White Sands by Ben Gallaway

Beautiful song.

I've known Ben Gallaway since March 1997.

At the time, he was in a band called Lorelei Shotgun with Peter Miller.

Since then he's been in several Austin, Texas based bands: Binary Bill, Solo the Master and The Devil Rides. He's also released a solo album and has written music for various film and video projects.

This song is a profound meditation on loss and memory.

Love you, Ben. Great stuff.

Daniel Bryan Remixed - Wrestling a Bear

This is genius.

Someone took some Daniel Bryan quotes about wrestling a bear and remixed it.
"You can't be a champion if you can't beat a bear."
True enough.
"If it doesn't work on a bear, don't do it in the ring."
Now that's advice anyone can live by.

Sprightly Colored Mods, Long-Haired Beatniks, Leather-Clad Rockers

The Mod likes "sprightly colored clothes."

Good to know.

Do you know the difference between a Mod, Beatnik and Rocker?

The difference, apparently, is between sprightly colored clothes, leather jackets and turtlenecks."

I, of course, am one of the rare breed of Beatnikmodrocker, or Beatmodrock for short.

This video's narrator loves using the word "peacock."

Jim Henson's Wilkins Coffee Commercials

Some of these are just insane.

Commercials were different in the late 1950's.

A proto-Kermit digs Wilkins coffee.

His companion does not.

In these ten second commercials, the Muppet that doesn't like Wilkins Coffee gets shot, decapitated, run over by a steamroller and thrown out of a balloon.

Pretty violent!

Pretty funny!

Almost New Nashville by A Boy and His Washburn

A song about dreams?

Dig it.


"Don't mean we won't ever see it / Just means we ain't seen it yet."


Free Waterbeds for Marmoset Jugglers

Man, this weather.

Not only did it snow yesterday, but it also rained cheese.

So I put a rat on each of my shoulders.

So that they could hold up umbrellas for me.

Here's indisputable proof that Bigfoot exists:

Little Boom Boom by Carousel Rogues

Nice little ditty.

Makes me want to, you know, get into a little trouble.

Like, maybe paint my cat's nails and post the pictures to Facebook.

As you might be able to tell, I don't get into much trouble these days.

But one does get urges....

This song is about such urges.

Pro Wrestlers VS Zombies: The Movie of the Year!

Could anything be more epic?

Of course not.

If this doesn't win Best Picture at next year's Oscars, there's no justice in the world.

Sid Justice.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan looks pretty damn good for being 1,234,590 years old.

"Me and You" By Billy Bier

"Me and You" makes me want to take a long, soul-examining walk in the woods.

It fills me with a sense of longing and melancholy.
It made me think of someone I hadn't given much thought to in a while.
Billy Bier knows his stuff.
I mean, he can rock out, too. Metal, Industrial, that kind of stuff. But he can do classical music, folk music, all sorts of stuff, all of it expertly written and worth listening to.

Jack Kerouac - Haikus - With Illustrations By Peter Gullerud

Kerouac's birthday was yesterday.

I missed it.

To make up for it a little, here is a recording of some of his haikus, with sketches by Peter Gullerud.

Simple, powerful, playful verse with images much in the same spirit.

A nice little video.

Happy birthday, Jack.


Sunday Seeds By The Immortal Jellyfish

Cool, mellow stuff.

All handmade instruments.

From their Soundcloud page: "Experimental/World sounds. Immortal Jellyfish is Matt Muirhead, Justin Miller, and Becka Miller. We improvise music on found and self-crafted instruments; Kalimbas, Tambouras, gongs, bells, electrified music box guts, skate bow, electronic doodads, doohickies, etc..."

Baltimore musicians.

I used to see Matt Muirhead's paintings at the Minas Gallery in Hampden, Baltimore. He has his own gallery, too.

This song makes me feel like they're playing a ditty on my bones.

It's just ever have one of them dreams? Yeah, like you don't quite know where you put your panda slippers?

June Cleaver Trips Balls

Okay, not June Cleaver, but a late 50's housewife type.

She seems to be having a good time.

Apparently LSD is instant hippie powder: "We're all one!"

Things get a little dicey with the whole spider web thing.

But she digs it.

"I wish I could talk in technicolor."

Me too. Me too.


Rod Serling Rants about Censorship

Particularly interesting is the idea of "pre-censorship," where the author knows beforehand what she shouldn't write.

He was, of course, talking about TV in the fifties and sixties, but this is valuable stuff for any writer to keep in mind.

In a lot of ways, writers can be their own "pre-censor," worrying about what publishers might or might not like, instead of writing what they want.

All this before a single word is written.

Particularly funny is the anecdote about the hate mail an episode of Lassie received because it was about a dog giving birth.

People complained about their kids having to see a "sex show."

Blue Sky Black Death - Carl Sagan

Every word in this song is a Carl Sagan quote.

Wise man, that Carl Sagan.

Is everyone watching the new Cosmos miniseries with Neal deGrasse Tyson?

This is cool. The universe is cool.

Screen Tests are Awesome

I  haven't seen Gone with the Wind since I was a kid.

I don't remember much about it.

But it was cool to see these screen tests.

Actors are the authors of their characters.

Just look at how each of these actresses brings something different to the same part.

Wild, by french-press

A nice, pretty, mellow song to start yer day.

From french-press's Soundcloud: "my voice is my real instrument. my guitar playing is messy as shit but I kind of like it that way."

Me too.

Epic Rat Tricks

Okay, so I've heard you can teach your rat tricks.

But I'm pretty busy with my writing and watching silly videos.

Still, it's neat to see someone took the time.

Because this is really cute.

Well, Here's My Nightmare For The Day

I never really went to dance clubs or raves when I was younger.

This video explains why.

A mass of people out of their minds.

It always seemed like a form of insanity to me.

Not sure if the video is supposed to be so nightmarish.

Maybe in an alternate universe it's cute-n-cuddly.

Route 94 - My Love ft. Jess Glynne (Directed by Ryan Staake):

Route 94 - My Love ft. Jess Glynne (Director's Cut) from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.

Mr. Belding Does Standup!

So Dennis Haskins, TV's Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell does stand up comedy.

He's actually pretty funny.

He misses the Saved By The Bell money.

I mean, his set gets pretty cheesy at times, but, come on, so was Saved By The Bell.

His chest hair makes me uncomfortable.

Love, Bearly, a Film by Kabir Chopra

This is a neat concept: we see most of the movie from the point of view of a stuffed bear.

In less than four minutes, we get heartwarming stuff, sad stuff, funny stuff.

There's a scene where the small stuffed bear watches a couple walking down the sidewalk.

They're carrying a much bigger stuffed bear.

Stuffing envy?

Is this Kid the Next Bill Nye?

He certainly has the screen presence.

Plus, we need to make more science and tech innovators famous.

Instead of, you know, "reality" stars.

Here's to a bright future for Peyton Robertson!

Free Fall by Femi the DriFish

Femi the DriFish & the Out of Water Experience is definitely one of the coolest bands in the Baltimore music scene.

They're a lot of fun.

Cross-genre stuff. Rock, hiphop, soul, punk. That kind of thing. Something for everyone. Except, perhaps, people with no ears.

"Free Fall" shows off a little more of their rock-n-roll side.


Volar en Linea Recta, a Film by Douglas Cushnie

What we have here is a beautiful slice of life film.

Douglas Cushnie, a filmmaker in his early 20's, has a hell of a future ahead of him.

He lives in Colorado, but flew a professional film crew down to Nicaragua to make Volar en Linea Recta

There, with a RED camera, they filmed this movie, using local actors and amateurs. It was a very collaborative film. The actors were allowed to improvise.

"Volar en línea recta" - (Full Movie / English Subs) from The Ninth Octave Films on Vimeo.

"Volar en línea recta" Interview with director Douglas Cushnie from The Ninth Octave Films on Vimeo.

Only Watch Dysmorphia if you Have a Strong Stomach

This film is well acted, beautifully shot.

It's also gory as hell.
37% of you will find this distasteful. The other 99% of you are kind of twisted.
Andy Stewart was a horror movie journalist before he picked up a camera. He definitely knows his stuff.

One of the Earliest Films in History Was, Of Course, Boxing Cats

1894 was a more innocent time, when you could force cats to wear boxing gloves and make them fight to the death.

Because in America, we've always loved watching cats doing violent stuff in a cute way, or cute stuff in a violent way.

Cats. Boxing. There was an audience for this. There will always be an audience for this.

Sojourn - by Annie Johnson

I like everything Annie Johnson puts out.

She has an amazing voice, too.

But this song is without vocals. She plays the piano.

This song is all about melancholy, but there's a kind of ecstatic joy at the end.

The Real You - Alan Watts

This is beautiful.

It's also a sort of spirituality for the atheist set.

But it's a message everyone can dig, I think.

"The real deep-down you is the entire universe."

"You can't have an experience of nothing."

I mean, I don't think he's saying much more than, "We're one with the universe because we are made of universe stuff." Or something like that. Still, it's nice to be reminded.

Captain Picard's Best Speeches

He doesn't look like it, but he's a hippie. He doles out compassion like a pro.

Also: righteous anger.

That voice!

"It is at the heart of our nature to feel pain. And joy."