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Dandelion by Baby Woodrose is My New Jam!

This song, "Dandelion" wears its psychedelic throwback weirdness on its sleeve.

The band, Baby Woodrose, is from Denmark. Maybe that means something?

I love psychedelic bands. I listen the the Byrds all the time. My favorite Beatles albums are Sgt Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour.

"If I was a grain of sand, I could slip right through your hand," she sings...well....yeah.....

This is my jam, man!

OMG! Steroids!

I love this. Old tabloid shows are awesome.

I love how the narrator keeps calling pro wrestling a "sport."

It's funny to remember how "shocked" people seemed that Hulk Hogan was using steroids.

No, no, he was just a hard worker who took his vitamins and said his prayers.

Well, lucky for 'ol Hulk, if you've seen his recent sex tape, it's obvious the steroids didn't affect his downstairs doorknocker.

I think that's something we can all be thankful for.

Some Of The Most Beautiful Music I've Ever Heard Coming From An Instrument I've Never Heard Of

Very spacey, very new age, entrancing.

This flying saucer looking instrument is called a "Hang."

This is seriously some very relaxing stuff.

The instrument kind of looks like a tit. Which is pretty distracting. I went to another page and just listened to the music

Despite being a dirty hippie, this guy can really play. Props, dude, props.

LSD? Psychosis? Probably Not, But It Looks Pretty Cool

This machine is supposed to simulate a state of psychosis through "digital LSD."

I've never had an acid trip like this. Colors don't just change drastically like that.

And I'm not sure how anything can "simulate psychosis" because the psychotic state is so intertwined with a particular individual's mind.

Is it wrong that I want to try this machine because it seems like fun?