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Caleb J. Ross Destroys The Lives Of Hobos, Discusses Great Facial Hair

If you've ever wondered what a "sideways mullet" is, you should watch this video.

Also, awesome jokes about hobos.

Also, Caleb J. Ross takes his shirt off.

Correction: Caleb J. Ross does not take his shirt off. I wish he would stop ignoring my e-mail.

LLoyd Kaufman Getting Beat Up By Some Asshole

Lloyd Kaufman makes lowbrow, sleazy movies, sure, but they're just goofy fun and even occasionally feature some lefty liberal social commentary. I mean, how do you figure on movies with titles like Sgt Kabukiman NYPD and The Toxic Avenger being anything other than good wholesome perverted fun?

This Morton Downey Jr. fella was an 80's trash TV talk show host who was kind of like a less classy version of Jerry Springer. He was loud and obnoxious and chain smoked so much that it killed him. Even as a kid, I remember watching this guy's show and thinking, "This guy's an asshole."

He really was an asshole.

In this clip, Morton Downey Jr. screams and points his finger at a bearded and skinny Lloyd Kaufman and his partner. Then a bunch of old guys in suits grab the two and drag them away, without either of the poor schlubs getting a word in edgewise.

Oh yeah, then there's the lame-o, scripted joke at the end where Downey's underlings pass the buck and blame…

Jacob Panic: "One Of These Days"

I met Jacob Panic at Bushwaller's, a little dive bar in Frederick, MD, last week. He is awesome.

Not only has he invented this here new genre of music he calls "pop grass," which combines power-pop with bluegrass, but he's a hell of a nice guy.

Not for nothing, but he can also play a hell of a banjo. Also, just a little thing of course, he played every instrument on his newest album.

"One Of These Days," from his album Pop Grass is one of the best examples of this power-pop/bluegrass synthesis. If you dig this tune, you can buy the album here.

I'll write more about this cat a little later.

Hellbound Glory Releases "Streets Of Aberdeen"

A quiet, lonesome song released by Leroy Virgil as a gift to fans on Halloween.

Another reason why Hellbound Glory is the best damn underground country band around.

Favorite lines from the song: If we all die tomorrow / send us out to sea / let those simple songs come back in harmony 

Bill Nye Vs. Creationism

Bill Nye is awesome.

When I was a kid, his show annoyed me. Which is saying a lot, considering what I was watching at the time.

But this video is great. He absolutely destroys creationism without attacking anyone's religion. Which means he doesn't come off as a complete cock. Which means maybe some people who need to hear this will actually listen to his message.