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Scott McClanahan's Hill William Book Trailer Is The Best Kind Of Weird

Scott McClanahan is a great writer. Look him up. His stories, mostly centered around the lives of poor folks in West Virginia, are heartbreaking, funny and sometimes pretty weird. But none of them are half as weird as this book trailer for his upcoming novel, Hill William. The video features Conan the Barbarian, McClanahan in trashy lipstick, an 80's sweatband and...well, livestock. It's certainly fascinating. Have you had your weird fix today? Getcha some before it's gone!

Leo Wyatt Covers The Beatles' Song Yesterday - And It Sounds Great!

There's got to be at least half a dozen Beatles songs that even people who aren't even Beatles fans can instantly recognize. "Yesterday" by Paul McCartney is certainly one of those songs. I don't know why anyone would even try to cover this song, but this Leo Wyatt fella did, and I'll be damned if it's not only a very good version, but a unique take on the song. Listen to it now!

Jerry Lewis Pantomimes Through The Sound Era

With apologies to Harpo Marx, I don't think I'm alone when I make the claim that Jerry Lewis was probably the best pantomime of the post-silent era. He really understood what it was about. He got the acrobatics of it. He really knew how to use his body as a comic instrument. One doesn't always need a clever punchline to be funny. Silent comedians did just fine without them. With that in mind, check out this compilation that some kind soul edited together that showcases Lewis' brilliant pantomime:

Blood On My Underwear by Yankee Bang Bang Makes Me Feel Weird In My Salty Parts

The music video for the song "Blood On My Underwear," performed by Yankee Bang Bang and directed by Sita Bang Bang and John Wlaysewski, is apparently about a bizarro world where feminine products cause people to turn into zombies. I guess it's a metaphor for dudes freaking out during a woman's period? Anyway, I can't understand a single word from the song except for the refrain: "And I don't care if I get blood on my underwear." But even if I don't really understand it, I like it. It's weird. I like weird things. Also, it looks like everyone who worked on this piece was having a fucking blast, so that has to count for something.

Thanks to JP Marin and Cole Jett for letting me know about this video!

Get Your Psychedelic Fix With Sea Fix

It was twelve years ago when I, a fresh-faced drunk of barely twenty-one years, made the journey from Trussville, Alabama to Atlanta to see my cousin Chris Hoke's band 3d5spd (pronounced 3D five speed) play to a packed crowd in a smokey music club (these were the days when music clubs were allowed to be smokey). The group had become something of a local cult band by that time. All the major alt-weeklies had written about them and their music was in regular rotation on several college radio stations.

The show I was attending had 3d5spd opening for The Dismemberment Plan, who were about to (literally in the next couple of days or so) head off to Europe to open for Pearl Jam. I'm guessing this was probably the band's peak, as far as live performances go, and I was glad I had been there to witness it.

So here I am twelve years later, listening to Chris's newest band, Sea Fix. These days, he's joined by Chris Rowell, Bret Estep and Tony Oliver. Based out of Birmingham,…

Fatty Arbuckle Proves That Flirting Can Get You Shot

Keep this 1914 Fatty Arbuckle short in mind next time you feel like flirting with someone other than your life partner. You never know when you might accidentally be hitting on a gun-wielding maniac. A Flirt's Mistake has all the Keystone Kops chaos that you expect, but with an added message: misogyny is not cool and it could lead to getting a cap in your ass. However, racist Indian stereotypes? Well....we certainly had a long way to go in some areas....

A Noir Music Video Sourced From Old Beer Commercials

Childproof's music video for their song "Dance While The Sky Falls" could leave you with the strange feeling that something is missing. You might at first think that something is missing from the video itself, but that's not it, is it? No, something is missing inside yourself. There's a loneliness inside you that this video brings to the surface.

It's a semi-tragic Lynchian noir film with perhaps some Cronenberg thrown in for good measure. The odd thing is that the footage comes from old Michelob beer commercials from the 80's. As such, the piece is drenched in irony, but only if you're aware of the source material. Putting that aside, however, the piece somehow becomes devoid of irony and becomes a very sincere meditation on the nature of loneliness.

Sure, the people in this video hook up, kiss, embrace. But those moments are always fleeting and soon the loneliness creeps in again.

childproof - dance while the sky falls from tv grey on Vimeo.

Nazism Without Pants: Donald Duck In WWII

In terms of war propaganda cartoons, Der Fuehrer's Face is pretty tame. I mean, we all remember the lashing that Saddam Hussein got from the creators of South Park a decade or so ago. Donald Duck's journey through Nazism is actually kind of cute. And that song at the beginning is pretty catchy, too. Makes you think maybe them Nazis weren't all that bad. Okay, so the cartoon's caricatures of Japanese and German folks is a tad racist. But they get an absolutely FABULOUS dance number which, yeah, is pretty homophobic, but at least it showed that the Nazis weren't above having a good time. And who doesn't like having fun? Fucking Communists is who. But we had to leave them out of this cartoon because they were sort of our allies at that point.

I don't think it's exactly a spoiler to say that by the end of the story, Donald Duck wakes up to find out that the whole thing was just a terrible nightmare. He's still in the good 'ol U.S. of A! He loves Am…

We're All Gonna Be Cyborgs!

Plain ol' everyday reality is boring. Luckily, Google Glass is coming to fix all that. Short of arming antelopes with death rays, there's no way of stopping this technology. Get used to it. Augmented reality has replaced reality-reality (which is boring. It's mostly just trees. Trees and grass.) No need to live life anymore. Just record it and watch it later, when you're on the toilet or at your boss's funeral.

In ten years your children will be cyborgs. And your cat? A cyborg. EVEN YOUR OATMEAL WILL BE CYBORG.

I think a lot of us feel like reality is kind of played out anyway. It's so passe.

Also, there's this:

That's right! The illuminati! He went there.

I, for one, welcome the coming of the cyborg race.

Marlon Brando Delivers One Of History's Best Backhanded Compliments

The Marlon Brando / Dick Cavett interview from 1973 is wonderful for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the way that Brando seems totally zoinked and in love with the complete importance of everything he has to say while feigning that he just doesn't care about these sorts of things. This show is just such a bizarre train wreck.

For me, though, the best part is where Brando basically calls out the entire talk show industry, saying it's a place that makes money off the humiliation of other people, all for the sake of a mindless beer-drinking audience who sit at home staring at their TV as a way of forgetting their mundane, useless lives. Not that he was totally wrong, of course. I'm just glad that we've come so far since then....

Man, you can almost see Brando doing air quotes when he tells Dick Cavett that he should be commended for trying to do shows that touch on serious issues. This little speech came just after Cavett had asked Brando whether it was tr…