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Essence of Urushiol

Boy have we got a treat for you! Got a special someone in your life that deserves an extra serving of malice? Introducing Essence of Urushiol, the perfect way to get revenge on someone in the cruellest way possible. Essence of Urushiol is squeezed from fresh poison ivy, grown on acres of federally preserved land. It is the perfect refinement of the same oils found in poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac that cause the itchy rash we all know and despise. This rash this product causes is not a mere poison ivy rash, however. This product causes swelling and pussing to such a degree that doctors have been known to amputate limbs to rid patients of it. It has been known to cause anaphylactic shock, cardiac arrest, even suicide. What makes this product so effective is the itching that starts within minutes of exposure. It becomes so intense that people have been known to go mad from it, injured themselves scratching, gone on rampages that left dozens of innocents wounded and dying, even …

The Burning City: An Interview with Brian Diemar of MMII

I first heard the name Brian Diemar a few months ago, when I was looking around for information about Stephen Bier, formerly known as Madonna Wayne Gacy, or simply “Pogo.” He was the keyboard player for Marilyn Manson and seemed to have disappeared from public view since he left the group in 2007. Until a few months ago, the latest update on Pogo’s Wikipedia page said that he was “now a photographer.” So that was that.

Except that he had been making and producing music the entire time. And his major collaborator is Brian Diemar. Brian is a veteran lead guitar player and producer. Just prior to meeting Pogo he had left the band AM Conspiracy, a group he had formed with Jason Jones, the former lead singer of Drowning Pool. Pogo and Brian first collaborated by producing other bands under the name Faultline Productions. Shortly afterward, they began their collaboration with Hoss, a drummer who had played with the Exies and Mondo Generator. Together, the trio are MMII (pronounced “em em eye…